Visual Parts
product unit

High-precision, groundbreaking, and economical

Our Visual Parts product unit manufactures exquisite, high-quality components for interior and exterior applications of fiber composite structures for automated small and large-scale production. To do this as effectively as possible, Mubea Carbo Tech has developed a novel process that combines the design freedom of conventional thermoset applications with the numerous advantages of thermoplastic series production.

The results offer excellent surface quality and even allow outdoor application without protective coating. In our product unit, we employ design engineers, process and automation engineers, and development engineers with in-depth knowledge of lightweight construction technology.

Structural Parts
product unit

Safety and performance at the highest level

Our Structural Parts product unit manufactures highly innovative and safety-relevant components of the highest quality. The focus is on added value for individual customer requirements in all structural issues. Customized product solutions made of the highest quality materials have defined our company for many years and are used in virtually all high-end designs in the automotive industry.

Arguably the best-known structural component from Carbo Tech is the monocoque, which has been manufactured for McLaren in Salzburg for more than a decade.

product unit

A pioneering manufacturer

In the Racing product unit, Mubea Carbo Tech has been a leading manufacturer of structural fiber composite components in prototype construction, motorsports, and exclusive small-scale and racing series since the beginning of lightweight construction technology.

Fueled by a passion for motorsport, our entire portfolio has been constantly evolving. Mubea Carbo Tech is the partner of choice when it comes to manufacturing for racing series, as well as exclusive small-scale series. Our customers rely on our decades of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing.

product unit

Uncompromising efficiency

In the Wheels product unit, we develop wheels made entirely of fiber composite or in hybrid construction, with the focus on uncompromising performance and attractive styling. From conceptualization to development and design through to the product industrialization, everything is done from a single source.

We are the first manufacturer of an approved wheel in hybrid design. Today, several series projects are ongoing in the passenger car and motorcycle sectors, with quantities of up to 20,000 wheels per year. We assume full development responsibility in order to ensure solutions are developed as quickly as possible.

We employ designers, calculation engineers, process and test bench engineers, and project managers who work together as an innovative and determined team!

product unit

Safety meets ergonomics

In the Seating product unit, we focus on innovation in every situation and in every area. We are constantly developing ourselves and our product lines and we think long-term when establishing new component groups and production processes.

Since 2019, the newest feature of Mubea Carbo Tech has been seat shell production from fiber composite structures. At our plant in Wendlingen in Germany, complete seat shells with highly efficient structural properties and top-quality materials are manufactured into a piece of automotive history.

The function-integrated seat shells made of carbon, "organo sheets" or hybrid structures reduce weight by around 30 percent compared with conventional solutions.

High-Volume Composites
product unit

The future is light

In the HVC (High-Volume Composites) product unit, we deal with fiber-reinforced plastics in large-scale automotive production. Our goal is to develop lightweight construction products that were previously only used in high-priced supercars.

Due to the increasing demand for our lightweight construction products and the shift to e-mobility (underride guards, battery boxes, or integral substructures), we can produce large quantities (>1,500 components per day) with the highest quality and a high degree of automation.

Our team consists of design engineers, process engineers, quality engineers, and automation engineers who work hand in hand with the who's who of the automotive industry to develop new lightweight construction products and transfer them to large-scale automotive production. We are TIER 1!

product unit

Aerospace without borders

In the Aviation product unit, we focus on innovative production of highly complex and functionally integrated components made of fiber-reinforced plastics for the aerospace industry.

As the global market leader for automotive fiber composite products, we develop tailored solutions for our customers in the aerospace industry to ensure cost-effective lightweight components in areas where safety is crucial. And we use our solutions to make aviation more sustainable, ensuring the necessary CO2 reductions are achieved.

Our department is staffed by program managers, quality engineers, process engineers, test engineers, and component and process developers who, as an interdisciplinary team, rethink and realize the production of aerospace components on a daily basis.