Our success is based on a holistic portfolio of services that our customers have been able to rely on for decades. We embody the perfect interplay of highly innovative development and the know-how of specialists in the various product units.


Research & Development

Mubea Carbo Tech develops product solutions from a wide range of composite structures, including custom manufacturing technologies, in order to offer the greatest added value to the customer. The result is highly efficient component manufacturing for large-scale and small-scale series production in a wide variety of applications.


Product units

Our product units guarantee that our customers get top-quality product solutions with the performance they need. Our specialists in fiber composite technologies are divided according to their decades of expertise into Structural Parts, Visual Parts, Wheels, Racing, High-Volume Composites and Aviation, covering the entire product map of all manufacturing technologies and the requirements of lightweight construction technology.


Production and technology

Whether it's hand-laminated single items or highly automated large-scale production, Our customers can rely on the know-how of our international experts in our production.


Undisputed market leader

"There's an incredible pioneering spirit in all of our departments. You can sense the racing genes on the one hand, and the highly industrial demands of the production business on the other. Our team sticks together, and we're very hard to beat."

Joachim Siegmann, Head of Sales