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CarboTech web

Who we are

We at Mubea Carbo Tech are a member of the global Mubea Group. As part of this major global player in the automotive supply industry, we represent the future of lightweight construction We specialize in the design, research & development and manufacture of top-quality fiber composite components, supply customers in the small and large-scale automotive production, aviation and motorsport industries, and serve a wide variety of industrial applications – for the mobility of tomorrow.

What we do

Mubea Carbo Tech doesn’t just manufacture built-to-print product solutions – we give our customers around the world a full service package. From the design and research & development stage through to implementing the suitable manufacturing technologies and delivering the finished components, we offer small and large-scale manufacturing of body structure and hybrid components, as well as monocoques and exclusive visual components with a thermoset and thermoplastic matrix for all potential applications.

COO Carbo Tech

Innovation for our customers

"We offer customized lightweight construction technology for our international customers."

Gerald Schrammel, COO and Managing Director of Mubea Carbo Tech



Our innovative product solutions help you open up new markets in the field of lightweight construction technology

Research & Development

We develop customized solutions for our customers, from prototype construction through to small and large-scale manufacturing


With our decades of experience in fiber composite technologies, we can rely on the know-how of our world-leading experts when it comes to fiber composites – whether in the automotive or aviation industry, or for customized solutions to deliver the mobility of tomorrow


Our passion and commitment to the material itself is shaped by our decades of experience and the dedication of our team to what we do


We are always looking to improve, and sustainability underpins all our processes, each project we deliver, and every single product we supply


Our worldwide certifications form the basis for meeting the highest quality demands of our customers

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The best possible result

"Our priority is to use our innovative manufacturing technologies to give our customers the best possible result."

Linus, Head of Aviation

Our customers

Our customers include renowned international automotive manufacturers, a who’s who of the aerospace industry, global players in the motorsport sector, and major names in the field of industrial applications.

They are our business partners, and they put their faith in our wide-ranging know-how and manufacturing technologies – from classical applications of composite fiber materials in small and large-scale automotive manufacturing through to the innovative world of e-mobility. Whether it’s on the road, in the air or on the water, we’re the place to go if you’re looking for the perfect lightweight construction solution.

die besten der besten

The best of the best

Lightweight-construction pioneers

Since the company was founded in 1993, Mubea Carbo Tech has grown into a global market leader for products made from fiber composite materials.